"Think of it like a flower garden. You look through a catalog with a variety of flowers but choose the one flower for it. Courtship is looking in the catalog because you have not yet made a choice. The engagement is when you order the flower you picked out during the courtship. The marriage is when the flower arrives and is planted. You don’t rush to into selecting a flower, so too you shouldn’t rush into a relationship, no matter how good you feel with the person, period. A flower is admired, loved, protected, but it does not reveal its deepest secrets until it blooms. Likewise a young man or woman should not be too attached to the person or reveal their deepest intimacies until it blooms before the altar of God."
from a very wise and dear friend
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Because Coach Carter was on.

"Be hopeful, hopeful and He’ll make a way. I know it ain’t easy but that’s okay, ‘cause we hopeful."


don’t fall for the one who buys you flowers, fall for the one who wants to grow a garden with you 

"Vocation is asking yourself, “How am I best called to love?”"
Sister Karen of the Sisters of St. Francis of the Martyr St. George  (via fidjihasfaith)
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